A little about me

Firstly, hello and welcome
We don't know each other very well yet. But hopefully, by the time you've had a read you'll feel like you know a little more about me, where I came from and why I paint.
I was born in Greenwich, London to an English East End father and a Maltese mother. I feel very lucky to have been given an insight into a different culture, way of life and attitude, from birth. I know when to use ‘dog and bone’ (Cockney) as well as ‘Mela’ (Maltese) and I've always felt half and half....or Maltish as I like to call it.
I am a mum to two (kind of) adults. I am also an aunt, sister, daughter, niece, friend and godmother.

I literally LOVE COLOUR.  I respond to it in the same way some people respond to music – it fills me up and makes my pulse go that little bit faster. My love of a touch of gold and adornment most definitely springs from the Maltese side of me. Anyone who knows Malta will understand. My paintings often have a little extra sparkle and I’ve long stopped trying to resist it!

I’m a maximalist, not a minimalist......

For many years I dabbled in creativity. It’s leaked its way into interests, small projects and hobbies. I have developed, created, written and made. I am a reflexologist and reiki healer, I have developed a reflexology product, I have written a book, I have started a Maltese words inspired venture, I have invested and I have redeveloped. I have a mind that is constantly interested in learning and soaking up new ideas and I’ve no intention whatsoever of stopping.

To backtrack a little, I’ll explain to you how I became an artist. After many, many years of buying other people’s art I was hit by a lightening bolt, I wanted to BE the artist. I realised that the urge I had to purchase when I saw other people’s art, wasn’t quite as simple as I thought – what I really wanted to do was to be the one to make it.

I’ve now spent years cultivating this precious gift. I'm forever learning and evolving. My style can change – as can my medium – but what never changes is the place it stems from. Everything I do comes from within, every intuitive mark or brushstroke I put on paper flows instinctively from me and there is rarely a plan.

I found the itch I needed to scratch. And scratch it I do.

I hope that you like what you see here….in fact, more than that, I hope that you LOVE what you see here.

Roni x